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1999 Hollaender Winners Introduced*

DOE is made up of declared the award of 9 1999 Alexander Hollaender Outstanding Postdoctoral Fellowships for up toward 2 yrs of experiments at DOE laboratories eating significant plans supportive of the Business of Organic and Environmental Review’s mission. The mission is toward have an understanding of physical fitness and environmental repercussions linked with electric power technology and toward build and maintain examine Designs within just daily life, biomedical, and environmental sciences.

Fellowship winners ended up most popular towards a sector of candidates who been given their doctoral amounts soon after April 30, 1997. Shown underneath are each individual fellow’s standing, college and matter of doctoral level, host laboratory and analyze coach, and experiments subject.

* Brian Bovard (Duke College or university, Botany): College of Michigan Organic Station, Peter Curtis (Ohio Region College or university) and James Teeri (College of Michigan); Pinpointing Plant and Soil Contributions towards Environment Respiratory Having Solid Isotopes
* Sophia Chernikova (Colorado Region Higher education, Mobile and Molecular Radiobiology): Lawrence Berkeley Nationwide Laboratory, Priscilla Cooper; Position inside of Foundation Excision Maintenance inside of Mammalian Cells of DNA Problems Signaling Constantly Linked with Double-Strand Breaks
* Jeffrey Dukes (Stanford Higher education, Biology): College of Utah, James Ehleringer; Suggestions of Rangeland Invaders towards Weather conditions Variation
* Christine Goodale (School of Refreshing Hampshire, Organic Materials): Carnegie Establishment of Washington, Chris Industry; Implications of Land Employ Variance upon Carbon Biking
* Len Pennacchio (Stanford College or university, Organic Sciences): Lawrence Berkeley Countrywide Laboratory, Edward Rubin; A Genomic Course of action in direction of Realize Genes Provided inside of Neurological Disorder
* Derek Radisky (College or university of Utah, Pathology): Lawrence Berkeley Nationwide Laboratory, Mina Bissell; Molecular Characterization of the System of BCE-1 Activation
* Karah Road (College or university of Texas Conditioning Sciences Centre, Cell and Structural Biology): Lawrence Livermore Nationwide Laboratory, Lawrence Thompson; Job of RAD51B inside Recombinational Mend of Radiation Harm
* Xiling Wu (Mayo Hospital Health care College or university, Pharmacology): Los Alamos Countrywide Laboratory, David Chen; Identity of DNA-PK Substrates inside of DNA Double-Strand Crack Restore
* Xuqiong Wu (Higher education of Virginia, Physiology): Lawrence Berkeley Nationwide Laboratory, Terumi Kohwi-Shigematsu; SATBI-Mediated Transcription Legislation Sophisticated at Methylated DNA

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